Last Will And Testament Online

What you need to know

by Ruth Belena

To find a good site, where you can fill in a last will and testament form online, you should search for a will writing service based in your part of the world. Choose a site that gives free last will and testament advice, and where the information you submit is professionally reviewed by a lawyer, or a legal expert.

Look for a service that allows you to submit your requirements, and have them reviewed, before you commit yourself to purchasing the completed documentation.

A husband and wife need to make separate wills, and some sites will offer special price packages for a pair of matching wills.

Having found a good online will making service, you just need to fill in the free last will and testament form. You should to list all your property and all of your assets. Jointly owned assets will usually go automatically to the co-owner, or joint owners, who survive you.

You should not include any life insurance policies, retirement accounts, or any financial plans which do not come under the jurisdiction of a will.

You should specify who you wish to be your legal heirs and beneficiaries. This obviously has to be your own personal decision, but you should also think carefully about second choices if the first named do not survive you. If you have young children you ought to appoint someone to manage their inheritance before they come of age, in the event of both parents predeceasing any children aged under 18.

You will be required to name an executor for your estate on the last will and testament form.

After it has been reviewed, and you have approved the draft, the will is created, and the finished document will be mailed to you, or you may be able to print it out from your computer. You are then required to sign it in the presence of at least two witnesses. The witnesses must see you signing the document. You may also need a notarized affidavit signed by the witnesses, as this is a local requirement in some states, so do ensure that the will writing service informs you fully of all the legal procedures that apply in your locality.

When your will has been signed and witnesses, it becomes a legal document, and you will need to store it safely in a place where it can be easily accessed. The executor of your estate must be informed where it can be found. It is possible to have several original copies made and signed at the same time, so you may give a copy to one or more of the beneficiaries, and a copy can also be lodged with your executor.

Using a free last will and testament advice service, and paying only for the legal document, with no legal fees to pay, can really be a big money saver. You should only need to consult a lawyer if there are any complicated inheritance issues, or if your assets are valued above the level where estate taxes start to apply.

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