Investing for good: Where is it headed?

In 2006, the United Nations launched the Principles of Responsible Investment initiative. It brought 70 institutional investors from 16 countries together to commit to a program that would better incorporate environmental, social and governance considerations when making investment decisions. The program emphasizes positive screening with institutional investors engaging companies in discussions that encourage them to be more socially responsible in their business activities. Further, the initiative calls for investors to move away from negative screening practices that simply exclude companies from investment but do little to change them.

Climate change has become an issue for everyone. Institutional investors have jumped on green investing and are putting their clients' money into numerous investments that relate to the environment and other worthwhile causes. They've accepted that socially responsible investing is not only good for the world but good for business. They've come to the realization that they can make money in this space and have committed significant amounts of capital to initiatives that will make the world cleaner, safer and generally a better place to live.

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