A simple way to get your message across

Do you have a message to get out to the world? A flyer is one of the easiest ways to catch your audiences’ attention quickly and affordably.

These days, anyone with a home computer and an ink-jet or laser printer can easily produce flyers in the home. However, serious marketing efforts and higher print runs will require the assistance of a professional printer.

Writing the flyer

First, gather all the relevant information for the flyer. Keep your copy straight to the point. The objective of a flyer is to lure customers to take the next step (whether it be calling or visiting your business.) You may want to write your initial copy in a word processor to take advantage of spelling and grammar checks. However, have a second person edit your work before you print it. The wrong information or poorly written copy can make an otherwise well-designed flyer useless or ineffective.

A catchy headline is a must - the shorter the better! A short headline can be written in a larger font, which will be more eye-catching, especially from a distance. The headline can be clever or amusing, provided it still gets your point across.


Your design needs to be appealing to the reader, as well. A full-color design adds flare, but can also increase the production cost. A well designed black and white flyer will be more cost-effective for higher print runs.

Other design elements to consider include:

  • Photos or illustrations will attract reader interest, and are effective in breaking up lines of monotonous text.
  • Bullets or subheadings in your text are another useful writing tool.
  • The page shouldn’t be too busy; incorporate white space into your design.
  • Finally, include something that will spur readers to action: an important announcement, an in-store sale or a tear-off coupon.


The paper you choose can make a big impression. A heavier-weighted paper gives clients a stronger first impression, and the additional costs can be quite small. A lightly-colored paper may be effective with black text. Glossy paper is another, albeit more expensive, option.

Flyer printing

Once your design is finished, it’s time to have your flyer printed. Check out our printing page for tips to get the job done right.

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