Color your business with success!

Have you designed a great-looking brochure or flyer? Now you need your design to look as good on paper as it does on your computer screen. While your home printer will suffice for short and simple print runs, printing shops will deliver much more impressive results. They are also more cost-effective for longer print runs.

The first decision has to do with paper stock. Paper with a heavier weight (such as 100 lb. stock) feels more substantial and will give clients a stronger first impression of your organization. Paper finished with a matte or gloss finish provides a more professional look. Lighter weights (as low as 70 lb. stock) should be considered only if you are on a very tight budget.

Color makes a more dramatic statement than black or other single color runs. However, color printing is more expensive. While very few brochures are printed in a single color, flyers are more often printed with black ink may use a single colored (non-white) paper stock to better grab attention.

Next, consider the size of your print run. Printers generally charge lower rates for larger runs. However, you will not save money if you print far more brochures than you need.

Selecting a printer

When selecting a printer, be sure to get bids from several printers before making a selection. Websites such as ProcureAPro will provide you with multiple quotes at once.
Once you’ve selected your printer, you’ll need to send your files in the right format. Images need to be in high resolution (300 dpi) and in CMYK format. To be safe, include the font files so they render properly in the final product. Check the printed proofs before the final run begins printing.

Printing on a budget

If you’re on a tight budget, you can always try DIY. You can use your own ink jet or laser printer for very small runs. Another budget option is to have your printing done at a local copy store, such as FedExKinko’s. The print quality will be slightly less than a professional printer’s, but will be less expensive.

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