Computer Franchises

Information technology is a burgeoning area of franchise investment

The area of computer/information technology (IT) services has been a very popular type of franchise. The computer services and support industry has been estimated to total upwards of a few hundred billion dollars.

Virtually every company depends on computers, but since many smaller businesses can’t afford to hire full-time computer staff, they need to outsource their computer work.

Even the consumer market drives the need for computer/IT services, as the majority of homes have at least one computer and don’t know how to troubleshoot problems.

Technology is a wonderfully versatile field, often allowing for home-based businesses. And with IT trends, software, operating systems and rules of the game on the Internet constantly changing, the franchisee that chooses this field will likely never get stale in his/her work!

Types of IT franchises

Some of the categories of computer franchises you can buy include:

  • Computer use training
  • Computer hardware repair and maintenance
  • Website design
  • Mobile/onsite computing
  • ISP (internet service provider)
  • Web advertising
  • IT consulting
  • Network Design, Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Firewalls, Virus Protection and Security
  • Database Design, Back-ups, and Disaster Planning
  • Intranets
  • Web Conferencing
  • E-newsletters, e-brochures and e-presentation templates
  • Training on essential business productivity software
  • Updated virus protection
  • Continuous diagnostics
  • Off-site data back-up

IT sweet spot

  • Many computer franchise opportunities can be started with an investment as low as $50,000, which is not always the case in other types of franchise business, such as *food franchises[Food Franchises.] Computer franchises require less overhead, generally, and fewer staff than running a restaurant would require.
  • You don’t always need computer experience to run a computer franchise, at least that is the claim of franchisors such as Geeks On Call, which is well-known for its blue PT Cruisers around town (320 locations in 23 states, that’s a lot of towns!). This company was named the #1 new franchise company in America in the January, 2006 issue of Entrepreneur magazine.

Of course, another feature in favor of IT/computer franchising lies in your ability to work at home

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