Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

You've filed for Chapter 7 or 13 and are officially insolvent - how do you get lenders to extend you credit again?

So you've bit the bullet and filed for bankruptcy. You've lost a number of key possessions and your credit rating is hovering somewhere around room temperature. No bank manager in her right mind would offer you a loan now, right?


There are a number of myths about bankruptcy out there, and chief among them is this notion that it's impossible to rebuild your credit once you've filed. Nothing could be further from the truth, and in fact, most financial experts agree that the actual filing for bankruptcy is no more detrimental to your credit rating than the financial pitfalls that got you into your mess in the first place.

Rebuilding credit is all about reestablishing trust with the lending world, and you do that the same way you reestablish trust with anyone you've burned: you take it slow, earn your keep and stick to your word.

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